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How to Train Independent Children

Being independent is an important thing for everyone. In order to become accustomed to being independent, this attitude needs to be trained and educated since childhood. If not, then the child may continue to depend on parents or those around him and find it difficult to adapt to the environment as an adult. Every parent would want to have an independent child. There will be pride if children can do simple things and do not always depend on parents. Not only for the pride of parents alone, the nature of independence is also an important provision for children later when he is an adult and must face the world with challenges that are more severe than childhood. Smart Tips for Educating Children to be Independent Practicing an independent attitude in children can be applied from the small things he used to do. Everything you teach will affect your child's ability to behave, including fostering an independent attitude on him. However, the way must be adjusted to the age, growth
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Recognize the symptoms of asthma in children who often appear

Parents need to recognize the symptoms of asthma in children. This is because asthma is a condition that requires treatment in a timely manner. Asthma in children who do not get treatment can recur suddenly and can interfere with the activities of children, both while playing or attending school. Asthma is a chronic disease characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways. Asthma in children can be triggered by various factors, ranging from heredity or family history of asthma, viral infections, to environmental influences. Let's Recognize Asthma Symptoms in Children Asthma symptoms and complaints in children can vary and differ from one child to another child. Some only feel one symptom, such as difficulty breathing, there are also those who experience a variety of symptoms when asthma recurs. Symptoms of asthma in children that may appear are: 1. Frequent coughing One symptom of asthma in children is coughing. Children with asthma generally cough more often, es

Endoscopy, Here's What You Need to Know

Endoscopy is an examination procedure that aims to see the condition of certain body organs visually, using a special tool called an endoscope. In addition to examinations, endoscopy can also be used as a surgical procedure. An endoscope is a device shaped like a flexible hose that is equipped with a camera at the edges, which can be connected to a monitor to project the captured image. An endoscope can be inserted into the body through the body cavity, such as the mouth, nose, anus, or through skin incisions (incisions) made specifically for endoscopy. In addition to visual observation of organs, endoscopy can also facilitate doctors to do surgery on organs. Endoscopy can also facilitate removal of body tissues for medical purposes or tissue sampling (biopsy). Based on the observed organs, endoscopy is divided into several types, namely: Arthroscopy, to observe the condition of the inside of the joint. Bronchoscopy, to observe the condition of the bronchi or respiratory tract