Endoscopy, Here's What You Need to Know

Endoscopy is an examination procedure that aims to see the condition of certain body organs visually, using a special tool called an endoscope. In addition to examinations, endoscopy can also be used as a surgical procedure. An endoscope is a device shaped like a flexible hose that is equipped with a camera at the edges, which can be connected to a monitor to project the captured image. An endoscope can be inserted into the body through the body cavity, such as the mouth, nose, anus, or through skin incisions (incisions) made specifically for endoscopy. In addition to visual observation of organs, endoscopy can also facilitate doctors to do surgery on organs. Endoscopy can also facilitate removal of body tissues for medical purposes or tissue sampling (biopsy). Based on the observed organs, endoscopy is divided into several types, namely: Arthroscopy, to observe the condition of the inside of the joint.Bronchoscopy, to observe the condition of the bronchi or respiratory tract lea…
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